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muscleup transition

A couple of weeks ago, I did a whole bunch of assisted muscleups with bands and varied the band resistance (assistance) in no particular order, just tried out a few things. Then I got really sick and felt pretty gross and even took a couple of days off work. Today, I’m back at it. I …

(assisted) Muscle ups

Something I was chasing on and off for a year or so is being able to do a muscle up. Losing about 30lbs of pure body fat in that time helped. Still, I have problems with the transition and false grip (too much pain). The kids’ gymnastics coach told me “really, it’s mostly technique” which …

The L-sit

Lots of ways to do this, lots of ways to integrate one into your everyday life. Sitting on a chair or a bench, waiting for something? L-sit on that. Examples: bench / chair L-sit floor L-sit horizontal bar L-sit parallel bars L-sit rings L-sit slackline L-sit. This one’s fun. First thing I tried when I …

Skill tree

skill tree

Watching the clock tick at work. Learned the name for a move I’ve seen before, it’s called a hefesto. Amazing. Then I found a calisthenics skill tree. Upon further inspection it leave a lot to be desired. I thought for a bit about what OA meant; that’s one-arm. FL is front lever. etc, etc.