A view of the shoreline from the cliffs of Lion's Head, Ontario.

It’s been great getting back into climbing this summer. I’ve even been meeting people to climb with through RockBase. Been spending a lot of time at the gym and finally doing v3s and some v4 projects, but they make me realize I really should be working on my onsight (5.10, v2-v3) more than killing my finger tendons and my hands crimping on tiny holds. So I try not to do too many tiny crimps.

I’ve also been getting into lead climbing which is something I didn’t realize I wanted to do until recently. Part of it is well, all the people I climb with lead outdoors, and also that I really like bouldering and it’s a way I can have the fun and risk/reward of bouldering without cracking my head or smashing my ankles with every fall. Well, sort of. The risk profile is somewhat different.

I’d like to do some sport climbing outside as there are some good crags not too far from Toronto. More equipment, though, which sucks, but hopefully it’ll be fun.

Places in Ontario I’d like to climb this year


Rattlesnake (maybe)

Lion’s Head


Places I’d like to return to (bouldering)

Niagara Glen

Halfway Log Dump (and beyond)

Helpful resources


The Climbing Doctor – Rock Climbing Finger Tenosynovitis

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