Open Water Swimming in Toronto (and elsewhere)

It’s been a pretty good summer for swimming. Weather-wise, the swimming was great about 80%-90% of the time. There was a bit of a cooler snap in early-mid July, but that’s what suits are for. We had a little heat wave that ended a few days ago. Happened to be in Sandbanks for that one.

secret spot – swam over 2km that day!
secret spot. one of the best places to swim in Ontario that I’ve ever been to. we’re lucky to have the Great Lakes here.

path measured with garmin venu sq (not great for accurately tracking swims with GPS due to the GPS not really working well underwater!

path measured with my phone sitting in my tow float. i wonder if i can have the garmin take GPS data from the phone when it does its tracking. either that or i buy a garmin swim 2 or (shudder) an apple watch

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