like groundhog day and april fools at the same time

it’s just like this ridiculousness will never end. it’s easy to get really negative about myself and my life situation when it seems like i’m getting nowhere. if there wasn’t a disease of fear and anxiety going on, sucking all the fun out of life, i wouldn’t care so much. i’d be enjoying myself a little and so would everyone else. there would be ample diversions from the drudgery of being a cog in the big machine.

instead of enjoying myself, being social and / or doing a fun activity with people, like rock climbing at a gym, or swimming, or some team sportsball or BJJ (which everybody is fucking doing these days somehow), i spend my holiday weekend seeing patients that are coughing all over me, with their families that are also coughing all over me, because someone from their family went to some large family gathering where someone else who attended was sick and they just kept it to themselves. so whoever that asshole was got the other twenty people sick, including my patient(s) and their whole family.

so i say: “well, this is how it happens. this is how it spreads, and that is why they made family gatherings like the one you went to illegal, that i why i can’t see my family, my kids can’t do their sports and why i might get sick and make my family sick because you got scared and called 911.”

so fuck you and fuck this.

i feel slightly better after working out this evening.

3 sets:

  • strict pullups
  • toes to bar
  • wide grip pullups with limited range of motion (just mid, no peaks)
  • rest 30s

rowing for half of chapter 2 of The Collapsing Empire (audio) by John Scalzi, maintain HR @120/min

GMB Mobility 13 (spine)

and there ya go. oh yeah i showed a coworker some squat variations: shrimp and sissy (unsupported), both deep. he was going rdls with the cardiac monitor which works really well. i should do that.

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