ponder; redo

i’ve been re-doing gmb mobility for the past week. as you can imagine, i’ve had a bunch of physical setbacks over the year. general working out and conditioning over the past 2 months or so (pullups, swings, front squats, deadlifts, pushups) was getting dull and not really getting me ‘anywhere’. i wasn’t doing any kind of program, just looked something like this:

A. 3 rounds:

  • band-assist muscle ups
  • pullups
  • band-assist L-sit to front lever (like the “ice cream maker”)

B: 3 rounds:

  • front squats
  • kb swings
  • rdl or deadlifts

for general conditioning to compliment running or cycling, this wasn’t bad. i didn’t really feel like i was getting stronger or much better at the exercises, nor could i really do more reps. i was just tired all the time. i also had some real problems dealing with certain movements were i had some serious deficiency compared to how i was doing, say, a year and a half ago. the progressions for straddle L-sit were impossible now; i just couldn’t compress and lift my legs the way i used to. i always had a great deal of pain trying to compress my hips or whatever while straddling and it felt like impingement or something, poor flexibility, poor strength, likely a combination. it hurt a hell of a lot back when i could do it and i had aspirations to doing stalder presses one day.

so i went back to do gmb mobility all over again. i quit last year in may or so after going about halfway into the program.

i read the old notes i wrote last year. damn, i was a mess. i’m a bit more of a general mess now, but at least i rehab’d out of the ridiculously painful elbow tendinitis and whatever was affecting my finger. anyway, on to session 8.

eating update; bad math

well, i’ve been logging food everyday, that’s the good part. also, i’ve been in a significant caloric deficit. not exactly shedding a ton of weight, but lost some last week, pissing out ketone bodies apparently, and over the past couple of days started eating a bit more carbs. it’s likely that the low carb life is the way to go long term, at least 5 or 6 days a week. caloric deficit? it makes me really hungry and tired. it’s the only way to lose fat globs, so i have to keep at it.

here’s the thing. the fitbit i’m borrowing says i’m burning over 3000 cal a day (tdee). my bmr is about 1600 cal (in a coma) and i do a lot of shit during the days i’m not exhausted / at work. at work i walk around a couple of km if we have free time and we’re not getting destroyed out on the road. you can tell what work days are because they are near my assigned ‘goal’ of 2691 calories.

my food logging reveals that when i would east like a pig and have let’s say, takeout food at work, like two farmer’s wraps and let’s say a donut (total, 1700cal) along with my usual homemade meal (leftovers and fruit), i might be eating about 3000 calories (i haven’t eaten like that in about 2 weeks, and no day since food logging has been over 1600 cal, well not until today). so i ask myself: shit, i was in a deficit then and i was still getting fatter. why am i in more of a deficit (last week i ate from 1400-1600 cal/day, burned over 3000 cal/day) and not budging much, even gaining weight (0.5lb/day) last 2 days? i dumped 7lbs last week and gained 2 back.

today i ate 1900 cals. fuck it. i burned over 3200 (says fitbit) from walking a few km, running a couple, and riding on fast trails with an average HR of 147b/m for an hour. hit peak heart zone for 30 min, sweating my ass off. no breaks. fuck dude, i’m eating that hamburger with a bun today, along with my salad, like a fucking normal person.

i’ve owned this bike for over 25 years. it gets dirty.
633 cal in 55 min. i should be shedding fat like crazy, sweating buckets like this.

there are many things i don’t get about the energy equation. it should be a simple calories in < calories out thing and there you go, you lose it. being in a deficit everyday, you’d think you’d be losing a little every day or at least if you took the moving average of, say, the last 3 days, you’d still be losing. it’s not quite going that way for me, which is incredibly frustrating. maybe it’s bad math, like i’m not really burning hey, at least i piss pink on strips. that’s something, right?

time to work out some more. session 8: shoulders.

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