Unicycle / bike update


I can ride around the track now, as well as ride a bit on the sidewalk and street (at night, less cars). My personal record distance in one go is about 200m. I need to relax more, weight off the pedals and on the seat, and keep the pelvis forward. I also need to mount more reliably. So far it’s just off a post or wall with my right hand, and a very wobbly first few metres.

This mild weather has been altogether conducive to uni practice, and sometimes bike riding (but I want to keep the fixie clean).

Snowed a bit over the new year, though


I also got a vintage Nitto drop bar, hot Cinelli tape and a brake lever to fit (23.2mm, should have gotten a 25.4mm to snug the stupid lever up to the stem, oh well), but really I just want to go brakeless. I clocked about 40s on a no hands trackstand, yay me. I might put the old stem back on for this bar, it matches better. It’s just better to ride on drops, but I wonder if tricks are better on the riser. Sigh.

Nitto bar. Yeah I should trim the brake cable / housing, but wait, maybe I want to keep the riser. Solution: 2 cables / housings, or just brakeless death.
Bike with the new bar setup. Maybe switch the stem back.

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