On commitment (one wheel or two)

It’s almost the end of the year, and just like every other end of year time, I’m busy at work. We did get a little lunch break, so I’ve been making a bit of progress on the unicycle. Reminders (to myself, the beginner):

  • Weight (pelvis) forward and back straight
  • Keep pedaling
  • Flail arms, really
  • Commit!

Commit. Every time I’ve fallen off it’s because I didn’t commit to the direction of travel, or didn’t commit to the next pedal stroke. I didn’t trust myself. I’ll get scared and hesitate, then bail.

Sound familiar?

This applies in so many movements and sports (bouldering comes to mind, if you don’t commit you waste precious energy and fall off), and applies elsewhere in life.

I haven’t made as much tangible progress in riding backwards on the fixed bike, but that’s okay. I moved the seat up to something more rideable, sat back more and put more weight on the saddle for better balance and can trackstand better with my less-dominant foot. Btw, train both sides. I can also hold a no hands trackstand a bit longer. Maybe the uni practice is helping here.

Well, back to work.

PS I got some used inline bartop brake levers that fit the Nitto drop bar, one of which I’ll use as the sole lever on the fixie. Either live with brakes or die brakeless, I guess. I’ll install the lever and tape the bar next year when that cool Cinelli bar tape comes in. Pics to follow.

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