My form is pure trash; i.e., use a camera

dragon flag with straddle

I thought I was doing something that felt similar to a front lever on rings last night and decided to check my progress this morning during a school drop off. You should always check your form by using a camera and / or a coach, buddy or trainer. It is humbling and terrifying and makes you realize that progressions and regressions are there for a reason. Start with the very first / easiest one and build yourself back up again.

The first image was my attempt. I was really sagging because I simply can’t keep a decent hollow body position here, let alone having anything resembling a flat back.

front lever attempt, sagging
saggy front lever attempt

The second image is what I did after I saw my form. I realized I had to regress to try to get a decent tuck front lever. Still saggy.

front lever tuck
tuck front lever

I could “regress” further, i.e., realize my static (and dynamic) pulling strength is not very good and needs lots of improvement. Using a (video) camera makes this clear.

I adjusted and smoothed out my vertical pole dragon flag attempts and added a straddle sometime over the summer after checking my form.

dragon flag with straddle
dragon flag with straddle

That’s why phones and instagram are so powerful.

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