Quick trip to Arizona


Nov 2022: There is a lot of climbing in AZ compared to southern Ontario. With varied formations and rock to choose from, (usually) dry weather (perfect in November!) and (to me) a totally alien landscape. I only had a couple of days to climb here, so I climbed solo in Sedona (Fun Ship, near Chimney Rock) and in Phoenix (Camelback) solo and later on with a partner. Plus, a warm and friendly culture and excellent food.

Update Feb 2023: Unfortunately I didn’t get to climb at Queen Creek Canyon. In and around there, there are tons of new bolted climbs and many that won’t last long, due to mining activity. Also, there are some amazing routes at Apache Leap. I was lucky enough to climb with a fellow Canadian who is helping out with the locals at Apache Leap and who made the FFAs of some sweet new multipitches in the 5.9-5.10b range over there.






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